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Providing IT solutions to serve all peoples

Ta Ethni was founded out of specific core values: Every life has value, worth, and dignity regardless of ethnicity or location. Not all people have equal access to IT, data, or the technology to solve key problems. After living and traveling abroad in several developing nations for nearly two decades, it became a vision to leverage technology to have a positive impact on people no matter where they are or what they do.

Our Services

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GIS Services

Demographic Data
Geospatial Server Architecture

Software Support

Software As A Service

Virtual Service Desk

IT Services

Web development
Native App development
Cloud migrations
Cloud Native apps
Penetration Tests
Full Stack development
Data Engineering
Graphic Design

Our Payment Policies

Ta Ethni utilizes Stripe’s hosted invoicing for invoicing and payment.

To read more on the security capabilities that ensure your sensitive data is safe read here.

Transaction currency can be any of the 
currency supported by Stripe Invoicing.

Meet Our Team

At Ta Ethni we specialize in helping our clients deliver IT solutions to serve all people.

Shannon profile pic
Shannon Berryman
Scrum Master/Business Systems Analyst

Shannon focuses on coordinating and connecting software development teams and stakeholders to produce the best solutions.

Lee profile pic
Lee Berryman

As an entrepreneur, innovator, and Geospatial Architect, Lee specializes in designing and implementing geospatial systems. He also works directly with the development team to develop the right solutions.

Ian profile pic
Ian Bennett
Software Support

With meaningful experience in corporate America supporting large scale service desk operations, Ian provides our clients with excellent IT solutions support.

Prem bio pic
Prem Bishwakarma
Software Engineer

An experienced software engineer with strong frontend and backend knowledge with cross platform technology on web and mobile app development, Prem is a hardworking and creative team member.

Joel profile pic
Joel Cox
Senior Software Engineer

Architect, tech lead, and full-stack engineer, Joel specializes in user experience and design.

Chad profile pic
Chad Griffis
Senior Software Engineer

With over a decade of experience in tech, Chad has a passion for teaching, leading, and solving complex challenges with his team. His expertise in multiple programming languages and technologies keeps him seeking to expand his knowledge and use the best tools for the job.

Regan profile pic
Regan Maharjan
Software Engineer

Experienced software engineer not constrained by language. Cross-platform app development, web development, and data pipelines. ML enthusiast.

Moe profile pic
Moe Mollaie
Senior Software Engineer

Moe is a results-oriented and innovative software engineer with over 15 years of experience.

Bijay profile pic
Bijay Ranjit
Senior Software Engineer

Bijay is truly a full-stack engineer, back-end, front-end or native apps it doesn’t matter, but he loves security analysis. He is ready to find and mitigate vulnerabilities so that you can keep doing good.

Subina profile pic
Subina Shrestha
Data Engineer

Subina does great wonders with data. No matter the data state she can engineer a solution that makes your data work for you.

Additional Team Members

Doing an amazing job everyday!

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